Insurance Claims


Alberta is known for having frequent wind and hail events resulting in damage to the exterior of your property. Rooftop Exteriors can guide you through the insurance claim process from start to finish so call us if you would like to arrange an inspection of your home. If you think your home may have suffered damage during a severe weather event there are a number of things you should do right away.

  1. Look for signs of exterior damage.
    Perform a visual inspection of your roof, gutters, flashing and overall exterior for signs of hail or wind damage. Hail damage will leave marks on ashpalt shingles that shouldn't be too hard to spot. Look for spots where the granules have been knocked off, these areas would typically be dark black. If the damage is new the black area will likely still be shiny. Also look over your gutters and flashing for signs of damage. Missing or loose shingles, flashing, siding or other exterior components may be an indicator of wind damage. If you are not comfortable getting on the roof then inspect it from ground level outside. If you are unsure or do not want to go on a roof and just want a qualified opinion please call us, we will perform a roof inspection for you and provide an honest assessment.
  2. Look for signs of interior damage.
    Depending on the level of exterior damage, you may want to do a quick interior inspection to see if the exterior damage has allowed any water to get inside. Ceiling stains or water in fixtures may indicate that water has found its way inside your home.
  3. Take pictures.
    If you see indicators of damage and think you might need to file a claim, take pictures! Photograph the damage so you have evidence of it. We would also recommend taking pictures of your home now even if you have no damage. A photographic record of the condition of your home may come in handy in case of a future weather event or a claim or appeal.
  4. Call us
    If you are not comfortable performing an inspection, you're unsure, or you believe you need emergency repair services, call Rooftop Exteriors right away. If your home has suffered damage you want to get someone on it right away.
  5. Call your insurance company
    You should call your insurance company as soon as possible. Insurance companies get flooded with calls during extreme weather events so you will want to get your information in to them as soon as possible. Also, there may be a certain window of time during which you must file your claim. If you have Rooftop Exteriors perform an inspection, we can provide our findings to your insurance company.
  6. Review your insurance policy
    Review your policy immediately so that you are clear about your coverage. You need to know details such as what you are covered for and the amount of your dedectible.